Sick Kid

Sick kid became my new label my Freshman year. I had sat on the couch all summer. I finished countless series on Netflix because I had fallen into serious pain. I had started to become tired all the time, numb (fells like when the dentist pulls a tooth and uses Lidocaine), and pain throughout my body.

At the end of the summer, I couldn’t climb stairs or catch a ball. My parents decided one morning when I couldn’t get out of bed that we were going to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. I spent a few days there on the Neurology floor where I was sent home without a diagnosis. My follow up appointment ended with a diagnosis of Depression and Anxiety. Many Lyme patients are diagnosed with this when doctors can’t figure out what is wrong and won’t admit it.

Children’s Hospital in Little Rock Arkansas. August 2012

I barely got through the first few weeks, of school. After school I would immediately lay down on the couch and wouldn’t get off of it all night. I had countless symptoms,

  • Fatigue
  • Numbness thourghout my whole body. Toes to cheeks.
  • Nerve and muscle pain thourghout my body.
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia

These symptoms just got worse as time progressed. I had countless MRI’s, CT scans, a spinal tap, and blood tests. I do not think that I made it through a whole week of school past October of that fall semester.

Things really got bad when I started to have these fits or seizures. I would be very tired and get a wave of heat over my body. I would feel disoriented and start to have a fit. My first one had my whole body shaking and I couldn’t see or speak. The rest just impacted the right side of my body. I looked like I had Parkinson’s. I would shake for 15-30 minutes and would go back to class.

This carried into February. No answers. Doctors knew nothing.

Until… a mom saw me having a seizure in the school office and knew exactly what was wrong with me.

You are your best advocate.


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