26 Hour Road Trip to the Doctor


God places people in our lives at just the right moment. A mom saw me having a seizure at school. She asked my mom what was wrong. We didn’t have a diagnosis, but this mother had Lyme Disease and after to talking to my mom about it; we were convinced that my symptoms matched her symptoms of Lyme. This lead my parents and I two weeks later to this lady’s medical clinic in Reno, Nevada.

My first day at the Sierra Integrative Medical Center was overwhelming. I was to start treatment right away. After my first appointment with Dr. Fong, I was immediately hooked up to an IV.

My first week at SIMC was full of IV bags of Phosphorus and Vitamin C. I also went through Ozone treatments; where a bag of my blood was taken out, shot with oxygen and but back in me. Those treatments might have smelled funny but they gave me a lot of energy.

Shan and I during treatment

The start of my second week meant I would start the dreaded PUSH. The PUSH is a immune booster that would make my own immune system fight off the Lyme Disease bacteria, spirochetes. 

The next 5 weeks, 6 days a week, consisted of a bag of Phosphorus, two arm shots and a butt shot in the morning, lunch, and then back to have my PUSH injection. The PUSH makes you have flu like symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Shaking
  • Pain

After my shake and bake, I would fall asleep and do it all over again in the morning. This was an difficult treatment that left you feeling extremely weak. I also did other treatments at the clinic that helped with other problems the Lyme had caused.

Much to everyones surprise,  I did my school work in the mornings while hooked up to an IV. I would Facetime a traveling Ipad and went to class virtually.

The clinic became my family. I still keep up with many people I went through treatment with to this day.

Gene put in my IV, gave all my shots and medicines.

You are your best advocate,


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